Women Veterans Australia (WVUA Ltd) an Australian not-for-profit charity that provides support and services to help women veterans achieve their full potential. It is an inclusive organisation, regardless of gender identity, sexual identity, age, ethnicity, or any other intersection that compromises women veterans’ quality of life.

What We Do

Empower Women Veterans

Our aim is to provide funding and grants for programs to support the wellbeing of women veterans. We also seek to provide education and training activities to address issues experienced by women veterans directly tied to their service in the military or separation from the military to empower them to thrive.

Understand Women Veterans Needs

Women Veterans Australia supports initiatives and studies that enhance the understanding of issues and challenges that are unique to women veterans. We believe that in order for services and organisations to adequately support women veterans, they must increase their awareness of what makes women veterans’ experiences and needs different.

Advocate for Women Veterans

Our organisation is passionate about advocating for women veterans. This includes shining a spotlight on women veterans, challenging the narrative of what a modern veteran looks like, and advocating for changes to policies and support mechanisms to meet the needs of women veterans.

Our Values


Empowerment for women is a fundamental human right and essential to their health and welfare. Women deserve to lead safe, fulfilled and productive lives. Women Veterans Australia promotes women veterans’ sense of self-worth and their ability to make their own choices so they can reach their full potential.


Women Veterans Australia is focused on supporting women veterans to ensure their needs and concerns are met. They provide ongoing encouragement, connection and support to enable women veterans to improve their quality of life. 


Women Veterans Australia is committed to serving Australia’s women veterans who are facing adversity, and to helping them achieve their goals. As a service organisation, we consider the well-being of all women veterans as paramount.


Women Veterans Australia is an inclusive organisation for all women veterans, regardless of sexual identity, gender identity, culture, age, and other intersections that comprise a woman veteran’s quality of life. Women veterans are welcome to seek assistance and support in a safe, confidential and non-judgement environment.